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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Killer Asian Horror Films

Strange Circus (2005) (Japan) - A young woman, Mitsuko catches her parents having sex and is subsequently forced by her rapey, controlling father and her beloved mother to watch the two have sex while she is while locked in a cello case equipped with a peep-hole.  When the poor girl's mother dies, her creepy father forces her to take on the role that his late wife formerly filled, performing her "sexual" duties.  As a result, the girl attempts suicide.  This story within a story is being penned by a wheelchair-bound author, Taeko, during the movie.  The same actress that portrays Taeko also portrays Misuko's mother.  Taeko is assigned a new assistant, Yuji, a very effeminate guy, and the two begin a romantic relationship.  Soon the real identities of Taeko and Yuji come into question.

I'm going to watch this now!  If you wanna watch with me so we can discuss...

Tokyo Psycho (2004) (Japan) - Based on a true story, Sachiko Kokubu, an attractive Tokyo design agency owner, finds her life horrifically interrupted when she begins to be the recipient of scraps of paper sewn together with piano wire with creepy messages from an "admirer".  One message was creepy enough, but as additional messages begin to come to her, she tries to discover who her stalker might be behind the shadows.

The Cat (2011) (Japan) - A young woman works as a pet groomer in a local pet shop. A kitty cat named Bidanyi comes to visit the store in which she works. The following day, Bidanyi's human is found dead in an elevator.

This one's for you D!  D knows exactly who D is!  
D loves cats more than one should and that's awesome by my standards!

You can watch The Cat free here!

Ghastly (2011) (South Korea) - An emotionally wounded woman finds a medium to assist her with her psychological woes.  Being infertile has caused her much suffering and she seeks to find a solution to her dilemma through the help of the aforementioned medium. 
To make a long story short (and you can watch it anyway...for free online.  I'll post a link.), she ends up burying an orphan in a pot used to bury kimchi (a Korean side dish made from veggies and spices), during winter for storage (sort of like how American can tomatoes and hot peppers in those Ball  jars), and obviously, being buried in a pot kills him.  Subsequently, an apparent haunting seems to ensue and things get very unpleasant.

Dumplings (2004) (China) - Aunt Mei is a reputable cook, who is known for her home-made rejuvenation dumplings, based on a "special recipe" prepared with unknown ingredients.  A former actress, who is beginning to show early signs of aging, Mrs. Li, visits Aunt Mei to feast on her renowned dumplings in a pursuit to combat her loss of youth so she might again be attractive to her wandering husband.

A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) - I usually have difficulty getting immersed and more than half-heatedly following movies that are subtitled.  However, I can deal with subtitles if absolutely necessary.  In this case, it was definitely necessary so I could watch the South Korean film, "A Tale of Two Sisters".

If you are into psychological horror thrillers, definitely see it.  You won't know which end is up until the, well, the end.  An American version was released in, 2009 entitled, The Uninvited.  Two starring roles in the film were played by Emily Browning and Elizabeth Banks.

Anyway, A Tale of Two Sisters is the story of two sisters who are hospitalized in a psychiatric facility after the tragic and untimely death of their beloved mother.  The girls return home to their dad only to find he's got a new flame and she is beautiful, mean, and cold, and definitely doesn't understand the girls' struggle.  You will see that it has unexpected twists and turns, and is definitely unique.  You almost don't even need the subtitles to follow it.

Though I have already posted a review on this, I did not, however, have a link to watch the movie for free streaming and I do now so if you don't have Netflix, you are in luck, too!

You can watch A Tale of Two Sisters below.
Its divided into Part 1 & 2 in the respective players below!

Part 1

Part 2

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