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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Watch Free Asian Horror Anthologies Online

Tales From the Dark 1 (2013) (China) - The first film in the anthology, "Stolen Bodies", is the story of Yam, a man in, who has recently joined the legion of the unemployed.  His desperation for money leads him to make the fateful decision to steal funeral urns from well-to-do families, only to blackmail the families into buying them back from him.

The second story, "A Word in the Palm", is a tale of a physical medium, who chooses to leave his profession to regain a connection with his wife and son as his manner of earning a living has left him estranged from his family as a direct result of his psychic gifts. 

However, the eccentric woman who owns the occult shop next to the man's, seeks his assistance to squash a murderous love triangle, which ensues between the ghost of a young woman who was drowned and seeks to avenge her death, her lover, and her lover's pregnant wife.

The final film, “Jing Zhe,” follows the story of an arrogant, wealthy woman, who seeks to hire someone to tortuously assault her son's wife.  She seeks out a woman who places hexes on people at the behest of her clients. She gives them a photo and she smashes it with a slipper and it causes damage and death.

Tales From the Dark 2 (2013) (China) -  The first tale in the second edition of the Tales From the Dark Horror Anthology, "Pillow", follows the story of Ching Yi, who is experiencing the sting of a break-up with her boyfriend Hong.  He moves out of their apartment, eventually.  Days later, he seems to have disappeared and Ching Yi begins to suffer from insomnia. However, a scented pillow from a local shop seems to cure her sleeplessness.  Subsequently, Hong begins to visit her and they have make-up sex, but he's not really there.  Its in hear head.

The next story, "Hide and Seek", is about a group of undiscovered young actors, who decide to play around in an abandoned school. They happen upon a clearly disturbed caretaker, Uncle Chan prior to pale child ghosts who kill!

The final tale in this second edition of this Asian horror anthology, "Black Umbrella", weaves the tale of a wise old man who wanders Hong Kong with his black umbrella, sprinkling a little bit of good will in the form of small acts of kindness.  Those he encounters, which include a potential thief and a beaten down prostitute have diverse reactions to what he does for them.  He discusses self-control with his temper, but eventually he loses his ability to control his hot temper and then there are definitely some serious problems that ensue!

Kadokawa Mystery & Horror Tales Volume 1 (2005) (Japan) - This anthology features three short tales of horror and is directed by three different directors.

Mei Nichi (Death Anniversary) - A family moves into a creepy new house.  Subsequently, the weakest "link" in the family, one of their two daughters, is quite sensitive to the spirits in the house. A curse is spread in this house as a result.

Cruel Kidnapping - Kamijo, a father of a baby who is kidnapped for a three million yen ransom is completely isn't able to figure out how to get himself out of this mess, but, he comes up with a bright and foolish idea.

Desire to Kill - Alone in her home, a mother is under seige by a purely evil killer.  With her maternal instinct engaged, she makes desperate attempts to convince the killer to let them be.  The killer has his own idea.

Kadokawa Mystery & Horror Tales Volume 2 (2005) (Japan) - The second part of the anthology, the three stories' premises are highlighted below.

Wooden Clog with the Red Strap - A supernatural ghost story, this tale follows a family in the countryside being visited by a relative.  A young man is introduced to a very shy young woman.  To him this woman is an enigma he needs to unravel and this begins to become an obsession. 

It becomes obvious that in her past a secret tragedy that is directly related to a local Shinto shrine that the mystery woman frequents.  Although warned by his relatives and locals, and the mystery woman to stay clear of the shrine, he succumbs to his urges to do the opposite.
Regeneration - A otherworldly creature tale, this story depicts a professor, who falls in love with a student and begins to discover her bizarre secrets.  Since she was a child, she has had the ability to regenerate severed fingers and limbs. The truly weird begins to surface when their perfect relationship begins to be pulled into the mire of insanity.           
Last Day as a Teenager - A supernatural ghost tale, this segment of the anthology shows a teen boy, who salvages his girlfriend's dead boy from the ocean.  She appears to be a lost cause until a little kid appears and offers him an alternative.  If she lives, he can give the promise of his death to the child. 

If he is willing to give his own life for his girl, the little girl promises she will let him live until his last day of his 19th birthday.  As is enevitable, he approaches his 20th birthday and the little girl reappears to take what is owed.

Kadokawa Mystery & Horror Tales Volume 3 (2005) (Japan) - Volume 3 continues to tell three distinct tales independent of one another.  I will again highlight the three tales. 

Ghost House - Following the accidental death of his daughter, a father visits her now empty house to apologize for an argument they had due to him being stubborn on the night she died.  His experience in her house in the wee hours begins to unlock more facts that have to do with his daughter's fate than he had originally thought.

Whisper Tree - This tale depicts a Tokyo television producer who visits the town in which he grew up, because he heard its where to locate the notorious "Whisperer Tree", which is rumored to let you  hear voices that open the deepest recesses of the soul.  The Whisper Tree opens the man up to the most horrible and painful memories of his youth, which causes him to face off with a ghost from his past.

World of Infinity - A despairing, jobless businessman encounters an intellectual, fiery woman who looks exactly like his very surface wife. His compulsive attraction, he soon finds is the influence of the demonic.

You can watch 
Kadakawa Mystery & Horror Tales: Vol 3: The Whisper Tree
in the video player below hosted by YouTube!

Kadokawa Mystery & Horror Tales: Vol. 3 - World of Infinity

Kadokawa Mystery & Horror Tales: Vol. 3 - Ghost House

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