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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Gary Cecil - Buried Secrets - Book For Under a Buck!

Gary Cecil's Buried Secrets - Max and his wife, Megan, just moved into their new home. It's a charming Victorian, that did not come with the typical Victorian price tag. Sure, it needs some paint thrown on here and there, but soon--with a baby on the way--it will be the perfect home for their family.

Things quickly begin to change, though. They hear noises at night, and even feel things crawling in their sheets. But that's not the worst of it. There's a foul smell in the air sometimes, and something even fouler in the basement.

When the power goes out, Max goes into the basement to find the breaker, and what he finds, is something much worse.

Can the young couple survive this horrible fate?   Or... are some secrets just too damned evil to be kept buried.
BURIED SECRETS will keep you wondering to the very last page. At approximately 2,800 words, this spine-tingling horror tale is guaranteed to make you laugh and squirm, as the young couple move into their house, only to realize... they're not alone.


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