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Friday, December 27, 2013

Dead Time Stories & - My Childhood Favorites

Dead Time Stories, a 1986 horror comedy flick was one of my childhood favorites.  This is not to be confused with George Romero's Dead Time Stories or the Nickelodeon Show.  I watched it on vacation with my family deep in Northern New Hampshire, where you can imagine there isn't crap to do.  I didn't live in NH at the time.  I grew up in the inner city in Masschusetts, where it as not quiet and there were not very many trees, mountains, and things in nature unless hookers and junkies are what you expect to see in nature.

I enjoyed the twisted stylings given to Goldilocks & The Three Bears with the psychotic family meeting the equally disturbed Goldilocks with her nekro collection of exes.  I also loved Little Red Ridinghood's tale, where the big bad wolf was a drug dealer and Little Red Ridinghood was an attractive teenage girl in a red jogging suit.

However, my favorite story was an original, which was a combination of a few tales such as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and that type of theme, where three witches resurrect their sister.  It was sort of like the precursor to a much more sinister Hocus Pocus.

The story is narrated by a babysitting uncle who is watching his nephew and twisting tales into his own to entertain himself.  The only person in the film of note (I guess.) is Scott Valentine from Family Ties, you know, Mallory's Boyfriend Nick, 'ey....

Magoga is my idol!  I want to rise from the dead and go kill everything that gets in my way.  Actually, in my yearbook this kid signed it and that was his life advice for me, "Kill everything that gets in your way.". 

IMDB gives it a 4.2 and I concur. 

You can watch it right here in the YouTube video player below!  Enjoy!!!


Want to own this flick?  You can own it by clicking below and digitally download it online for $7.99!  If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch it for free in better definition than on YouTube below!

Its also available on DVD for $9.99.

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