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Monday, December 23, 2013

Evil Elves & Yultide Horror

Watch Elves (1989) on YouTube!

Elves - When Kirsten, a teen girl who erroneously slices her hand during a pagan ritual in the woods, her blood awakens a demonic Christmas Elf. The elf is the center of a Neo-Nazi plot to bring forth the master race Hitler believed would conquer the world.  Rather than a race of pure-blood Aryans, it is revealed that Hitler instead dreamed of a race of human elf hybrids.

Kirsten is the last remaining pure-blooded Aryan virgin in the world.  Her grandfather was a former Nazi who was once involved in the plot, but no longer holds these beliefs and is also her father.  Inbreeding was considered crucial to maintaining a pure Aryan bloodline. Unaware of the situation. Christmas Hating Kirsten broods through Yultide working at the snack bar in a department store.

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Santa vs. the Evil Elves

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