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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Night Horror - What to Watch?

I am withdrawing from cable, but I know its not worth the money so I am anxiously awaiting my new Roku and subscription to Netflix, which will happen about....next week (shortly). So, I might have to pay to watch AHS, but its a small price, really, seeing as its the only thing I watch on mainstream network television besides True Blood in the summer, which has really been sucking and has lost its appeal for me to pay hundreds to watch it yearly, yeah, so not worth it!

So, anyway, here are some choice from which I have to choose and you may wish to partake. Yeah, enjoy effers! You do have to make a log in to watch videos at BMovies.com, but its worth it and it takes about four seconds and is totally free. Embryo - a little retro science fiction for Sunday...
Rock Hudson is a brilliant scientist who has figured out a way of creating the perfect woman. 

Why Rock Hudson would want to create a chick at all is my question, seeing as he was exclusively same sex oriented? Hummm...well, it was 1976 and I don't think any of us knew that then minus those of us who have gaydar and said, told ya so!  Guess Science Fiction is truly fantasy land, haha!
Abby - Abby is a sweet and innocent minister's wife who believes in God and all things good. But when she becomes possessed by Eshu, the Nigerian god of sexuality, things get a little wild and her father in law, an exorcist has to be called in to drive the evil spirit away.  

Oh, this one looks like a friggen gem!


Beyond the Door (1974) - A young pregnant woman is starting to have a hell of a time with her pregnancy. As in, the devil has possessed her, impregnated her and making normal maternity mood swings, seem like a piece of cake.  

I hate it when that happens!

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