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Monday, October 28, 2013

Its Monday - Medical Oddities, Anyone?

Chimeras aren't always human, but in this case, we are talking about human oddities so lets skip through the bull and discuss that.  During your time in utero, when cells get fused with separate sets of DNA instead of splitting, its sort of like having a parasitic twin.  Your parasitic twin has to be non-identical, obviously to get different sets of DNA. 

Invitro makes it more likely for you to give birth to a Chimera.  Often times, Chimeras are sterile as they can have hemaphroditic organs and other fertility issues, but they can sometimes produce offspring.  It depends on just how "intersexed" their organs are if at all.  Chimeras can have parts of their body with entirely different sets of chromosomes.  Let's say that one can have unique DNA in their bones and their skin tissue could be entirely different.

Some Chimeras can have eyes that slightly differ in color, but that's not typically due to Chimerism so you can go for much of your life having no idea you are in fact more than one person rolled into one. Usually under UV light, Chimeras will display "tiger stripes" on their back due to uneven pigment in their skin. 

So, if you are wondering why you have tiger stripes, a ball, an ovary, two different color eyes and a cool blonde streak when the rest of your hair is brown, you might be a Chimera.

Cotard Syndrome (Walking Corpse Syndrome) - No, this is not too tards doing dumb things.  It is a rare mental disorder in which people hold a delusional belief that they are dead (either figuratively or literally), do not exist, are putrefying, or have lost their blood or internal organs. In rare instances, it can include delusions of immortality. 

I wonder if this would apply to Richard Trenton Chase, the Schizophrenic serial killer who believed he had to consume human blood to sustain life.  He was nicknamed "The Vampire of Sacramento because he drank the blood of those he killed and then ate their internal organs. 

When he was a young man, he often complained that his heart sometimes stopped beating or that someone stole bodily organs.  Chase killed and took animials apart first and then he would eat them raw.  Sometimes he'd mix them with soda.  Hey, gotta have some flavor...Once he stopped taking his meds, he moved on to people.  He even committed necrophilia with one of the corpses. 

He drank the parts of animals so his heart wouldn't disappear.  He ended up in the psych ward for injecting rabbit's blood.  He was eating birds while in the hospital and throwing them out the window.  He had blood around his mouth so his nickname hence in the ward became Dracula.

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