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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jerry the Creepy Shoe Fetish Serial Killer

So, to accompany my post, I thought you might like to see  
on Odee.com. Hey, I was doing a little research. 
Anyway, this guy has always bugged me out. 

Oh, Jerry, you could've been somebody, you could've been a contender. Jerry could have starred as Dr. Moreau as in the Island of...in place of Marlon Brando, but instead he died in prison of liver cancer. He just couldn't give up his fetish for severed feet and shoes. Oh, Jerry...that devil!

 Jerome "Jerry" Brudos - Jerome Henry "Jerry" Brudos American shoe fetishist, serial killer, r*pee r*per extraordinaire, and necrophiliac who stalked women in the Portland, Oregon area in 1968-1969. Oh, that summer of '69. He was also known as "The Lust Killer" and "The Shoe Fetish Slayer". Ann Rule wrote a book about this effed up guy and if Ann Rule wrote a book about you, you know you are f*ck'd.

Jerry was his mom's youngest son.  He had a big brother. His mother wanted a girl and was unhappy that Jerry ended up being born male. She was an emotionally and physically abusive woman.

Jerr's shoe fetish began when he was playing with a pair of stillettos shoes at the dump one day and he liked them so well that he tried to steal the shoes off his first grade teacher's feet one day. In addition, he had a fetish for women's underwear and claimed that he steal panties from his ladie neighbors as a boy.  Well, a boy's got to have a hobby, doesn't he? 

Jerry spent lots of time at the psych ward as an adolescent.  Well, who doesn't.  I mean, really.  In spite of the psychiatric interventions Jerr received, he stalked women anyway, chocking them out and stealing their shoes.   What? He stole their shoes? What an inconsiderate azzh0le.  Too bad they didn't have the internet back then.  He could have raked some leaves, purchased a prepaid credit card and bought shoes on Heels.com.  Can't you see the applications?

When he was 17, he kidnapped and beat a chick up at knifepoint if she didn't do him the way he said he wanted to be done.  He got arrested and went to the house on the hill for nine months.  He was at long last diagnosed with Schizophrenia, which was complicated due to his unusual drive for his fetish as well as his extreme hatred for his mum.  He still did good in school and graduated, becoming employed in the fine industry of electronics.

In 1961, he got married to a young woman of 17 and had a couple of kids.  He asked his wife to do housework naked except for a pair of high heels while he took pictures, which is fine and dandy, but now that you look back on it, he's got issues.  His wife was down with his fetish, but it still wasn't enough.  She stopped doing him once he presented himself dressed up in girly clothes and they stopped making some loving down by the fire at that point.

He used to get headaches and black out if he didn't take off at night and steal shoes and lingerie.  For a little while, at the height of his depravity, Jerry not only kept shoes, panties, and lingerie, but Linda's foot (his first victim), and some amuptated boobs he used as paperweights.  He used Linda's foot to model the shoes he stole. 

 After committing a murder, he would dress up in high heels and get down with himself.  He also spent days on one of his victims "violating" her as she hung from a meat hook in his family home's garage.  He was down with strangling a bit, too.  His wife and the kids were not allowed in his man-cave, which is not entirely unusual.

Jerry confessed to four slayings and was sentenced to life in prison. While he was in prison, he had lots of shoe magazines in his cell.  Jerr attacked many women who got away so this led to his demise.  Obviously there was enough evidence in his man-cave to convict him in at least some of the murders. 

Among those belongings that got him in trouble were, pix he took of his victims in his collection of undies and missing pieces of bodies that were already found dumped in lake(s).  He was given the death penalty and a life sentence for 3 of the 4 murders.

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