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Monday, August 5, 2013

I'll Haunt You When I'm Dead Pilot

 I'll Haunt You When I'm Dead was a nice surprise I ran into while I was watching The Ghost Inside My Child in the wee hours of the AM last night on Biography. I couldn't sleep so I watched the first episode of The Ghost Inside My Child on demand (I have Comcast - it was free) after my late viewing of this week's episode of True Blood, which by the way, this season has certainly held my attention.

I really did think Violet was going to take Jason by force, and I'm not sure why, because I took Vi for a same sex oriented individual, but wonders never cease, so yeah...anyway...

I'm watching The Ghost Inside My Child, which you can check out on The Bio Channel or here...drifting off into a sleep I fight ever so vigilantly for days at a time, and on pops a pilot episode of I'll Haunt You When I'm Dead randomly, so randomly that I thought it was a commercial, but it just kept going for an entire episode that held my attention.

 I really dug it. I hope they pick it up and it becomes a show, 'cuz it was pretty realistic as far as the whole I'm gonna tell you my story and actors are going to reinact it type deal. I like that style of show opposed to the stupid infrared camera and fake noises people overreact to. It was creepy and the people seemed pretty believable sort of like the whole "A Haunting" deal. I loved that show!  You can check out old episodes online of A Haunting on The Discovery Channel website here!!!

Anyway, I was excited about that and I can't complain too much about Haunted History on H2 either, one of my new favorite channels. They covered H.H. Holmes Murder Castle is Chicago. H.H. is pretty underrated on the creepy scale, psycho!!! The Manson Murders was sort of played out so that week I was disappointed, but I was pretty psyched about Lost Souls of Pennhurst Asylum, because they had a person that really lived there being interviewed, who was pretty normal and high functioning so that freaked me out, knowing that she lived there and had to endure all that crap and I can get why it would be haunted now!

You can watch a little bit more about old H.H. below! 

This is a documentary I caught on Amazon a couple of years back, but its free on Hulu now.

I think they are doing a whole tour thing, so if you want to watch the trailer of that, its linked above, guys! Its in Eastern Pennsylvania so if you are in Pennsylvania or visiting, here's a super tourist destination, sceeeeery!!!!
You can watch H.H. Holmes and the Murder Castle and Pennhurst State School on H2 here.

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