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Saturday, August 3, 2013

American Mary

Ooooh, if you wanna watch a girl go from light to dark, American Mary is a flick that displays in full detail the transition of a good girl gone bad, very bad, badass even!
Mary is a med school student studying to be a surgeon.  She sutures chickens and rarely ever goes out, being a studious good girl, but she is broke and needs a way to keep her bills paid.  Being a smart girl, she interviews at a strip club to become a dancer and meets an interesting hosts of characters and is offered a fantastic money-making opportunity that drags her slowly into a fully immersed integration into a dark underworld of shady and unique characters.  Events in her life also color her being sucked into the sheisty underworld of her personal and business affairs, which are one in the same.
American Mary is a very unique and interesting flick and is different from the likes of anything else I have seen in recent memory!

Check out the trailer below!


  1. Nice review! You should promote your blog on my horror forum: www.horrormansion.net
    I had American Mary pre-ordered for Katharine Isabelle since I thought she was great in the ginger snaps films!

    1. I'm on my way to your forum right now! I really underestimated her. She played a really complex character in American Mary. It was a really unique and interesting flick with lots of different facets to it. I didn't think it would be as awesome as it was!


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