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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

10 Best Serial Killer Movies of All Time!

You all know of my fascination and love of serial killer flicks. I don't know that I actually love serial killers, because they are not very nice, well, except for Jeffy, you know, Jeffy Dahmer, he seemed like a stand up guy when you disregard all the dead lovers' parts hanging out in his house and that he sometimes feasted on them and if you leave out Mr. Gacy's rapey ways, he was probably ok, too, but yeah, love, a strong word, anyway, on to my top 10 list of the most killer serial movies of all time!

1. Silence of the Lambs - For obvious reasons and for Dr. Hannibal Lecter's charming and mischievous ways, I give this 1991 "killer" serial killer flick, number one. Also, I will say that Buffalo Bill, played by Ted Levine is near and dear to my heart and the hearts of many, Preciousssssssss!!!!! Say, are you  about a size 14?
2. American Psycho - Christian Bale does a hack up, I mean bang up job of playing the world's most original serial killer, well, for a movie anyway, in American Psycho, where he plays yuppy serial Killer, Patrick Bateman, who exfoliates before he goes to work and if handy with an axe, what a guy!
3. Natural Born Killers - Mickey and Mallory Knox hold a place in my heart no other serial killing murderer couple can fill, not even that of greaser slash literal 50's, leather jacket white tee shirt clad Charlie Starkweather and his little kitten, Caril Fugate. Mickey and Mallory are two star-crossed lovers with a murderous streak in them, cross country, might I add. I also am impressed with the sick characters in this flick played by Robert Downy Jr., whom I adore as well as Detective Scagnetti, played by none other than Mr. Tom Sizemore. Don't forget the first and only serial killer flick in which Rodney Dangerfield was featured as "dad". He didn't last long, though, but he did a cut up job!

4. Hannibal - I can't put Hannibal in slot number two, because there are flicks that definitely win over this flick, but the Ray Liotta scene in which he depicts do*cheb*g, Paul Krendler having his brains eaten out and sautes while its still attached, well mostly, to his head, I can't leave that out of the list. I also have to give props to my favorite actor, of course, who also appears next on the list, Gary Oldman, who portrays the faceless kid f'er, Mason Verger. I love that Verger has a b*tch. Yeah, I'm referring to poor Dr. Cordell, who just gets referred to as Cordell and follows the orders of a faceless invalid all day long!

5. Bram Stoker's Dracula - Most would not consider Dracula to be a serial killer, but eff if I don't call a man who's hundreds or even thousands of years old, who lives in a cold stone castle and feasts off the living a serial killer. To call him a cannibal might be going too far, but hey, he's rich, romantic, and charming, and so what if he drains the blood of the living for sustenance, he's a catch in my book!

6. Seven - I want to make out with Kevin Spacey in Seven. He is such a sick f**k of a serial killer in this movie! The fact that he packages up Gwenyth's head, who plays Brad Pitt's wife in the 90's flick's wife, gives some thumbs of mine up, precisely two of them, that's all I got!

7. From Hell - Jack the Ripper was a twisted mo fo in his day. Johnny Depp plays one hell of a junkie cop, who's hobbies include chasing the dragon, trying to win the heart of a hooker with a heart of gold, the portrayed by Heather Graham, Mary, and also trying to catch Jack the Ripper. He also enjoys Opium, did I mention that? I have to say that Sir Ian Holm, aka the guy with the black eyes, Sir William Gill, scares the crap out of me! I also have a large crush on a ginger, the coach driver, Netley, portrayed by Jason Flemyng. I want to stick my tongue between the gaps in his black teeth.
8. Hannibal Rising - How much do you want to have intercourse with young Hannibal, even if you are a straight man. He's noble, he's romantic, and so what if he kills all of his adversaries. They were rude to his aunt slash girlfriend and they ate his little sister, a-holes! Hannibal is just doing what any good brother slash nephew slash boyfriend would do for his sister and aunt. How dare you be a meat cutter who comments on what way Hannibal's aunt slash girlfriend's vee jay faces!

9. The Devil's rejects - I think they might be inbred and their father is a clown. Their mother is an ex-prostitute, and they live in a creepy shack in the woods. All I have to say is Chinese, Japanese, look at these!!! Oh Baby, you are my hero! Although, I think Mother Firefly might be my hero. The first mother firefly was portrayed by Karen Black in House of 1,000 Corpses, this was my only disappointment, where this dark flick is concerned, who kinda looks like Stiffler's mother with that blonde wig on.

10. Psycho - Anthony Hopkins portrays the best serial killer ever, because we are not sure if Norman Bates actually knows what he is doing when he kills those little slags who don't meet up with mommy's expectations. What can I say, a boy's best friend is his mother! This flick was even good enough to be followed up with a sequel and a TV series, which I faithfully watch, more than 30 years later!

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