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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bio Channel - My Haunted House & SyFy Paranormal Witness

I'm such a ghost-hunter fan, but only when shows come on TV that aren't BS and aren't shot in that stupid green infrared cam that looks like you are lurking around in Buffalo Bill's basement, say, you about a size 14?

I've always had a problem with Buffalo Bill, you know since my answer to that question would be um, crap, yeah, I am, can ya not kill me please, and I'm wicked weak and out of shape, so no, I can't help you out with that couch.

You'd probably have a better chance with broken bones.  I'll probably just drop it on your leg so you can have a broken arm and a broken leg.  Fat chance, Buffalo Bill, I will not be part of your lady suit, mo fo!!!

But, anyway, since Bill is dead and I assure you, I cannot smell any of you, not even the type of cream you are wearing....even so, he's not real anyway, I digress....

Did we see the episode of My Ghost Story with the nurse and the catatonic patient?  Its called, "Trapped".  That scared the ever living bejesus out of me...

Its on the Bio Channel at 9 pm Eastern & 8 pm Central on Saturday nights when you guys are probably out having fun and I'm at home watching ghost-related shows.  I no longer have a boyfriend who can chill with me in bed and watch those shows, oh wait, my last bf didn't watch those shows anyway.  No, he's not dead, but I wish he was!  Just kidding...anyway, yeah...so...I tried to find a clip on the Bio website, but it told me f**k no, you can't have one.  Yes, websites speak to me, they do!  They told me you can watch it at this link since I could not actually post the freaking video here.  "They" told me!!!!

It'd also be groovy if the website told us when its on, but you know what, it doesn't.

Ok, well, DailyMotion, however, does have the entire episode.  I love you DailyMotion.  Good looking out! But damn you for making me sign up for your affiliate thing so I could post this, so I will just post the link since I'm sure you guys don't feel like waiting until I someday get approved, efffffff!!!!!

Here it is, at long last, for the love of god, really?

Now, on to other matters...Paranormal Witness... 

Yes, so new episodes on Wednesday 9 Eastern, 8 Central, do we have a date with SyFy???  Good...

Its Season 3, apparently, and although this is still one of the better paranormal shows, the stories aren't as super as they used to be, but they all can't be A Haunting, can they?  I miss that show!!!!

Season 2 was the best season with the Dybbuk box and stuff.  I wonder if that movie the Possession is based on that guy's story????

You can watch that one here, which is like the best one ever! 

The dybbuk box, by the way, is for sale on eBay, I'm good, I don't want it!  The real one from the show was for sale on eBay, but I don't think this is actually it, which means some a-hole bought it.  Good luck, pal!  Watch the episode and you will get it.  They actually say it was for sale on eBay on the episode, wow!!!  MMMM, yeah, I'm good, or was it the movie, I don't know, something like that.

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