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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

True Blood Season 6 & Canceling of Hannibal?

True Blood has won me back this season.  Let me just say even if Warlow was a vampire who wanted to suck my fairy life force out, I'd hit it!  I think Jason Stackhouse wants to secretly hit it, too.  I don't blame him at all!

More like f**k on, or die!


I think I just died and went to heaven.

I also need to note that I like Lafayette's new make-up artist or current and improved.  His new lashes and liquid liner certainly do bring out his eyes and give him a lovely femme flair.  I wear my make-up the same way, but I don't have falsies.  I just use mascara.  Well pulled off by a straight man, but in real life Nelson Ellis is pretty stylin', so its not a far cry.  Style is style, blam, lol!

Also, just note, apparently Hannibal...the show won't be returning.  I shed no tears.  I watched it twice and couldn't barely even get through that.  It was dumb, boring, and the portrayal of Hannibal sucked b*lls.  I did not find him charming or fun like the Anthony Hopkins portrayal in the movie Hannibal or Silence of the Lambs or Red Dragon or the portayal in Hannibal Rising by Gaspard Ulliel.

Also, though, I would like to note that Lawrence Fishburne was the only redeeming factor in that show, in which he portrayed Jack Crawford.  Well done, sorry about having to be the only good character on a stupid show, Larry.

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