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Friday, February 1, 2013

The Possession

I was hopeful and I can't say The Possession totally delivered, but it was a decent flick with a completely different spin on peeps being possessed.  I also can't say I am an eternal optimist.  I'm quite the pessimist, so did you really think I would have anything that good to say!?  I gotta tell ya when the little girl sticks the fork in her father's hand, I was kinda sold right there.  I'm pretty sure, however, I saw an episode of Paranormal Witness when the story was exactly the same, from which The Possession clearly stemmed, but I am just speculating.  I definitely will steer clear of purchasing wooden boxes with crafty etching at family yard and estate sales of my Jewish neighbors and friends.  Creepy!  I guess that would really suck if my kid was obsessed with a creepy wooden box with mirrors in it and shiz.  I would not be psyched so...yeah, its definitely worth renting, because you might jump a couple of times and its very original.


I am disappointed with A Hunting in Connecticut 2.  I watched the cheesy preview and I have no desire to see it.  However, I did like A Haunting in Georgia when it aired on A Haunting and its unfortunate that they had to ruin the integrity of a perfectly good tale and make it really suck!  Boo!  Oh, and Comcast is charging $6.99 to watch this piece of garbage.  Really?

You can rent it for $3.99 on YouTube, but its not available on Amazon or Netflix as of yet. 

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