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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

American Horror Story - Spoiler So Be Warned!

Seriously, could you believe when Tate, I mean Kit Walker got home and he had two wives, one in two different hues?  I had a feeling everybody would hang out in perfect harmony for a while, but I figured it would be Kit Tate Walker who would do the killing, I mean two wives, two kids, that's alot for any man to handle, but he was digging it so, yeah.  Jude becomes grandma, ok, I guess she owed some payback and got some joy out of it.  I do so have a bit of a crush on Kit Tate Walker, or whatever his name is.  Its the thick, fake Boston accent and reminds me of my youth.

Yeah so, Lana became a d*uche, surprise!  I figured she would soften up when she saw the baby, but no, she turned that mo fo into a killah, psycho killah!  She hated that boy.  Ok, so I can't believe she didn't make good on her promise to take Briarcliff down, but like she said, "Things change.  People change". 

This season didn't exactly make me cream my pants, but it did have a good set of characters and it was cool that they used the same cast so we didn't miss them too much!  I hated the dad last season.  He sucked, but this season as Bloody Face, Jr., he's alright in my book!

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