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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Masters of Horror - Underrated - Available Free Online!

Masters of Horror includes thirteen famous horror movie directors directing a one hour short horror film for the Showtime television network. You can watch some of these greats online. I intend to list some of my favorite "episodes" here. The ones of not, most worth watching are:

Jenifer - Jennifer is a mute, deformed girl who seems to have no problem getting play. A cop finds her and this psycho trying to kill the poor girl. He takes her home, and pities her, and soon falls deeply in lust with her. The only problem is that he has a wife and a kid. Well, the plot thickens...

Some of Dario Argento's best work! Jenifer has a hot body, but she could use some work on her face, and there is really a bit wrong with those eyes, ouch!

Dreams in the Witch house - A short story by none other than H.P. Lovecraft is revamped, and put to film on Masters of Horror.  A mathematical scholar boards in a room in the Witch House, a house thought to be cursed.  There is some funk going on with mathematics, dreams of demons and witches, and the wall.  There is also some junk going on with the hot single mama next door and her baby and the mathematician.  Its disturbing.  There is also a weird, anti-social old man downstairs who knows lots!  There is a question of madness in a couple characters here with the strange going-ons at the Witch House!

The Washingtonians - Mike Franks, played by Johnathon Schaech, Christina Applegate's hot husband, who has grown quite distinguished looking as he gets older. Ooooh, I like it. Anyway, he discovers a letter hidden behind a portrait of George Washington in the basement of his grandmother, who just died. It says, "I Will Skin and Eat Your Children. Upon Finishing, I Shall Fashion Tools Out of Their Bones," with the signature "G. W.". There is a fork fashioned out of human bones behind there too, fabulous! There is a guy that tries to get Mike to sell the letter, and blah blah. Creepy period dressed things with sharp teeth start to visit him, ewwww!

Skeeery! I don't like their teeth at all, not at all!

Anyway, watch the whole thing here!

Its also available on demand on Netflix.com!

There are a few more, but watch these for now. Actually, you can watch them all pretty much on Netflix, if you have one.

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