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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

5 Horror Flix to Watch This Week on Netflix!

Dead Alive - If you like gore that will make you chuckle, this is a good pick. Mom gets bitten by an infected monkey rat thingee, and all hell breaks loose in 1950's New Zealand. I love it!

Isn't he beautiful?

Masters of Horror's Dance of the Dead - Enjoy post apocalyptic America when a good girl meets a bad boy. He's dirty, he's high, and he's got some crazy junk going on. She follows him into the city and finds the dead dancing at a club owned by a character played by none other than Robert Englund aka Mr. Freddy Kreuger, whoo hoo!

I dig the hair! And, surprise, you can watch this one here!

Blood Creek - Other than the fact that Henry Cavill makes me wet my britches, I've got to say this flick was both disturbing and terrifying. Necromancy and Nazi experiments in unison scares the crap out of me, and pretty much all others.

God, thank you for creating this creature, I totally appreciate it. I want to bear his seed like every night forever!

Vampyres - Lesbian bloodsucking vampires at their best. These chicks are gory, and they lure dudes in by seducing them. Well, at least these guys get some before they get torn apart and eaten!

Yuck, having to date guys to get sustenance forever, that sure sucks, no pun intended!

The Hunger - I swear to God, I just want to rip off all David Bowie's clothes in this eighties vampire flick. It really is well done. Its not cheesy, and its got a sort of medical element to it, too. The whole eighties goth/industrial scene is thrown in with upper class vampires, awesome! Oh, and if you want to watch Susan Sarandon get all bisexual, you totally can, because she has a love scene with a chick in this.

He's almost as hot as Jareth from Labyrinth in this flick, but I'm not sure if anything compares to those tight grey spandex and his fabulous Axl Rose hair.

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