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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Underrated Masterpieces - Masters of Horror

Hackel's Tale - Tasty necromancy at its best! Ever love someone so much you would dig them up if they died, bring them back to life, just so you can get it on or even just lay next to them, decisions, decisions...How much do we adore Clive Barker?

Family - You normal, middle-aged family man neighbor has some secrets, and you might not like them. He's a "family" man, and takes his til death do us part vows seriously, beyond death, really....

Imprint - OOOOh, disturbing hooker, well, more like a Geisha, with a heart of gold is horribly deformed, with a split face, one on each side, one beautiful, one horribly ugly. Nevertheless, she's sweet and entertaining, so she gets customers. She's got some secrets, and oh does she have a story to tell!

Watch it here!

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