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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A tale of Two Sisters

I have difficulty usually getting into and following movies in general that are subtitled.  I can deal with it if necessary, and in this case, it was definitely necessary in the Korean film, "A Tale of Two Sisters".  If you are into psychological horror and thrillers, definitely see it.  You won't know which end is up until the, well, the end.

Its about two sisters who are in the hospital after the death of their mother and return to their father and a mean, cold, beautiful new step-mother is at home waiting for them, oooohhhh.....and you will see, it has great twists and turns, and its definitely unique.  You almost don't even need the subtitles to follow it.

Check out the trailer below!
Its available on demand on Netflix if you have it!

Watch it, I'm telling you, it rocks!

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