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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Three Extremes - Twisted Asian Horror Flick

Three Extremes was pretty sick and twisted.  Asian horror can be so good sometimes.  I have to be in the mood to view a film and watch subtitles, but the first and last story in this killer trilogy goes without saying and you almost don't need to have subtitles to grasp the jist of the stories.  The middle story is a little bit more intricate and you need to read the subtitles carefully.

The first story is about a retired actress, who is getting on in age (sort of), and is looking for the "recipe" to the fountain of youth at more than one cost.  She travels to the home of a "special" little chef lady to eat dumplings and grow young.  The plot thickens.

The second story is about a film director who has it all and is about to learn a special lesson on what happens when you are at the top and don't have much more to strive for.  Things don't always come easy in life.

The third story is about a successful writer, who has some dark secrets in her past.  She's a twin and she's dreaming of dark matters, concerning her sister being laid to rest.  What's the story, sibling rivalry, or something more???

All the Asian horror I have come across is so much more mindful than all the crappy gore and mediocre story-lines present in much of our current American, British, and Canadian Cinema.  Once in a while you will find a gem, but Asian horror never ceases to disappoint me when the mood strikes!

This 2004 gem of an anthology of 3 short stories comes from Japan, Singapore, and South Korea.

This flick is sick, like as in awesome, and sick like as in twisted, I give it a B+. You can check out the trailer below!

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