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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Possessed Dolls

Annabelle - The Doll in the Conjuring Case - The Annabelle Doll from the case that was investigated by Lorraine and Ed Warren back in the late 1960's that was a short subject touched upon in the recently released film, "The Conjuring", can be seen on YouTube with a little background below!

Robert the Doll (Robert Otto)

Robert the Doll, a doll kept by a Key West, Florida artist, Eugene "Gene" Robert Otto from boyhood until his death and well beyond. Robert the Doll now lives in a glass box in a museum in Key West, Florida, his native home. The video I am posting tells the story in a quick and concise manner, but expands slightly more on the details.
 Robert scared the bejesus out of Mr. Otto's wife and spent much time in the turret room of their Victorian Home in Key West, Florida, wearing his creepy little sailor suit and hat. He kind of looks like a black eyed potato and scares the ever living crap out of most who he meets!

You can click here to watch another video, which I am about to watch now on a Voodoo Legend involving the sexy doll!  Robby, you are my hero <3!!!
Me? I want to sit him on my knee and read him a long bedtime story! I would like my own turret room with a little widow's walk on the outside so I can hold a candle in the window waiting for my dearly departed lover to come home, um, safe, yeah, I want him to come home safe. Wait, there is nobody who is coming home safe. Yeah, I was getting immersed in the Victorian Romance of the story. Oh wait, there is no romance, just death and a creepy doll left behind that scares everyone and lives creepily in a museum.
You can go visit him and check out more information on his website below!
Fort East Martello Museum and Gardens
3501 S. Roosevelt Blvd.
Key West, FL
Open daily from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Closed Christmas Day.
  • Admission is $6 for adults 
  • $3 for children (children under 6 free) and students with ID 
  • $5 for Seniors (62+), AAA Travelers, and Locals with ID
  • Members - Free. 
Rental of the facility and grounds is available. 
Call (305) 296-3913 for information. 

This is Robert's actual house.

Tabitha - possessed doll. Check her out in the clip below, ewww!

Just kidding, lol!

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