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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Horror's Best Evil Children

Nothing is more horrible than a child who kills people or is rotten to the core evil.  Horror movies facilitate this idea in their plots and characters from time to time and we enjoy it to the fullest.  Here is a top five list of the most evil little bastards in horror cinema. 

1.  Damien Thorn - The Omen - Little Damien Thorn or as most of the world likes to call him, The Antichrist, doesn't say or do much in the first installment of The Omen, but his presence, childlike smile, and big blue eyes say it all while his mom is falling off the banister and while his nanny is committing suicide atop his family's large mansion.  He and Mrs. Baylock scared the bejesus out of me with their nonverbal cues.  I actually find the 2007 remake's little Irish kid to be much scarier than the original with Mrs. Baylock, who is played by Mia Farrow feeding him toast and stuff.  Mia does a bang-up job and they play well off each other.

2.  Esther Coleman - The Orphan - Of course, we know Esther isn't really a child, but eternally, she looks like one.  She's creepy and absolutely psycho and of course kills people when she doesn't get what she wants.  Its lovely that she has a deaf little sister in her adopted family.  You know something is not right when she's all perfect and well behaved and is dressed like a Victorian Orphan in Modern Day American. 

3.  Grace - Grace - Grace is a bloodsucking living dead newborn baby.  She was willed back to death by her mother after she gives birth at a birthing center prematurely in a super birthing bathtub with her mother's midwife.  The baby dies and the two women are overcome with sadness.  The mother won't let her go and feeds her from her bosom and the baby comes back to life only to find out that blood sustains this little blood sucking vampire.  The true horror of Grace is that she ages and isn't really a vampire and she grows more and more hungry the older she gets.

4. Henry Evans - The Good Son - MacCaulay Caulkin plays a super little bastard in The Good Son as Elijah Wood's (Mark) friendly-at-first cousin who enjoys killing and taunting people, especially family members.  If I let ya go, do ya think you could fly? MacCaulay is an excellent actor and was so at a very early age.  He could be cute and scary at the same time.  What an adorable little sociopath!

5.  Samara - The Ring - I swear to all that is good and holy that I went out on a date to go see this movie when it first came out and my ex and I slept with the lights on, because we were afraid Samara was going to come out of the darkness and twist our faces in selfies, not that people really had smartphones back then, but yeah, ok, not selfies...pictures taken with newfangled digital cameras.  So, yeah, good villain, she's evil and she even looks evil, really weird flick.  When she comes out of the TV, I can't take it, gross!

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