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Sunday, January 19, 2014

American Horror Story: Coven - Witch and Voodoo Alliance?

Ok, so I caught up with American Horror Story: Coven, because I missed the last two weeks, because I don't have cable and haven't been over anyone else's house in a while to watch it (Jenn).  Anyway, I tried to watch a movie on Amazon and I rented it and didn't work so they gave me a $10 credit in which I watched The Raven with and the last two weeks of this season's American Horror Story.

I'm not going to spoil anyone's viewing if they haven't seen, but the alliance is getting interesting and the people are getting more jaded and twisted involved in the show and the characters sure are changing.  Selling their souls has become a topic of issue, but I won't say who has had issues with such.

Anyway, I will spoil The Devil, Satan, Damien, Lucifer, The Angel of Light, The Fallen, whatever you want to call him, in this case, he is called...Papa Legba.  The Fringe's Lance Riddick is "the devil", but the devil is an African American Voodoo Deity.  He has bright red eyes, dreads, a big top hat, and a strange mask as a face.

Let's say, though, we break alot of ground with Marie Laveau and learn some new things about Delphine and The Butler as she calls him.  I gotta say, too, I am always discussing how great Jessica Lange looks.  Angela Bassett is a perfect Marie Laveau, because she looks great.  She's absolutely gorgeous and over 50 as well!  Marie Laveau was said to have been a bombshell as well.

You can catch up with episodes you missed on Amazon.  A tip to the wise, if you order episodes in standard definition rather than high definition, its $1.99 as opposed to $2.99, you save a buck.

You can check them our on Amazon below!

Who is the "historical" Papa Legba? Technically in Haitian/Creole Voodoo, Papa Legba is the intermediary between the the dead and the living. During ceremonies in which those who practice Voodoo Rituals when the dead are summoned, he grants or does not grant permission to speak with spirits of Guinee.

 He is always the first and last spirit invoked in any ceremony, because his permission is needed for any communication between mortals and the dead. He grants access to the land of the dead for the living and vice versa. In Haiti, he the voice of God sort of like Metratron in Christianity. In Nigeria, Legba is depicted more like "Pan" as a figure, but still serves the same purpose. In the United States and Haiti, he is depicted typically as an old man with a cane and a top hat.

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