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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Free Classic & Cult Horror - Watch Online

Check out SilverScream.net, where you can readily watch free black and white horror classics.

1.  Frankenstein (1910)

2.  Freaks (1932)

3.  Doctor X (1932)

Fullhorror.com also has some good classic picks as well as newer modern horror movies selections.

Frightpix.com is a new site that has some really cool, diverse, mostly cult film selections you can watch for free online. They are newer movies, but I figured I would include them in this post, because there are movies you won't find anywhere else on this site and they support a ton of diverse devices!  They are a pretty good Troma site!

You can check out which devices are supported for use with this site here.  

There are a ton of supported devices such as Amazon Kindle, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Roku, XBox 360, and more!

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