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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Free Horror Movie Video Sites You May Not Have Heard Of!

BMovies.com features free "B" Horror and Sci-Fi movies for your viewing pleasure as well as Western, KungFu, and Indie Flix you can watch online on your video viewing devices for free!

1.  Attack of the Giant Leaches (1959)

2.  Bad Taste (1987)

3.  Blood Tide (1982)

FreeMoviesCinema.com features free Horror, Fantasy, Thriller, Sci-Fi, KungFu, Western, Drama, Comedy, and several other genres of film viewing for free from your PC, Laptop, or other mobile devices without the hassle of having to log in or sign up. 

PopcornFlix.com offers free Horror, Troma, Action, Family, Drama, and a bunch of other genres to choose from so you can watch movies from your computer or mobile device for free.


Roktv.com Monster Channel features free horror movies 24/7 online and on several mobile devices.

1.  Horror Express (1972)

2.  Revenge of Dr. X aka Venus Fly Trap (1970)


FilmOn.com offers live horror TV as well as 24/7 horror movie viewing on demand for free viewing from your computer, laptop, or other compatible mobile devices.


  1. I like Cryptctv.com as well. They are doing an upgrade so the site is hit and miss this week. Lot of free horror and movie channels on the Roku as well that are fun. Thanks for the heads up on Roktv I just downloaded the app so I can watch the Monster Channel!


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