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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dumpster Baby - Wicked Campy Troma

Dumpster Baby - This campy Troma flick features an actual baby who is dumped in a dumpster by its crackhead mother.  Dumpster Baby's mom is getting high and realizes she is about to give birth the Dumpster Baby.

In fear of being killed by her pimp boyfriend drug dealer guy, she has to rid herself of Dumpster Baby before he finds out.  She gives Dumpster Baby to the other crackhead she is smoking with so she can get rid of the baby.  She makes one attempt, is declined, and puts Dumpster Baby in the dumpster.

Dumpster Baby's life adventure begins.  Dumpster Baby keeps switching hands, but a mentally challenged caretaker is probably the best "dad" for Dumpster Baby and some mean guys steal it and poor Walter is very sad.  Some weird black hatted guy keeps trying to steal Dumpster Baby throughout the whole movie.  Let's just say, "They all get what they deserve!".   


  1. I just love me some Troma! Terror Firmer has to be my favorite though

    1. I forgot about that one! That was a good one! I like Ticked off Trannies With Knives, too. I don't often think of that one either!


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