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Monday, January 13, 2014

Interview With Pink From The Pink Latex Show

Your Wicked Webmistress:  Who is your favorite serial killer?

Pinklatex:  I'd have to say Jeffrey Dahmer as far as likability goes.  He's not very interesting as a serial killer itself, but I am not completely opposed to sitting down with him at Starbuck's and eating a delicious sandwich.

Your Wicked Webmistress:  What is your worst fear?

Pinklatex:  I am terrified of alien abduction and being probed.  I am not ok with aliens inserting things in my body cavities. 

Your Wicked Webmistress:  Who is our favorite horror personality?

Jack Torrance from The Shining is my favorite horror personality.  Its also my favorite horror movie?  I wouldn't be upset to hook up with the ghosts in The Overlook Hotel and party like rockstars.  Its a killer property in the winter.  I love snow!  I'd just carry a flare gun.  Why the butcher knife.  I don't get it.  There is just no reach and you have to be strong to wield that thing.  You have to have ape arms.  That's why long swords are made.  Nobody can grab you if you are holding a long sword and stabbing them with it.

Your Wicked Webmistress:  If you could meet an executed person who would it be and why?

Pinklatex: Eileen Wuornos!  I would ask her about the pipe in her butt and if Journey was really her favorite band.

Your Wicked Webmistress:  What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you personally?

Pinklatex:  The time that I played with a Ouija board at Elaine's house in the basement apartment, which unfortunately was my apartment.  After the board experience, I went to bed and awoke to something holding me down, laying on top of me in my bed.  It had long hair and I could feel its nose scraping my face.  It had hot breath that I could feel and it would take my breath away every time I felt it.  I screamed "Jesus Christ" and I ran upstairs.  I didn't get my voice back for a half an hour.

Your Wicked Webmistress:  Which historic murder or horror site would you most like to visit and why?

Pinklatex:  I would like to visit The Amityville Horror House.  I'm obsessed with it.  For some reason, if I think about the DeFeo Family, it gets stuck in my head and I will think about it for days.  I want to go in the basement and feel what they felt and see what happens.  Catch 'em!  Kill 'Em!

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