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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Three of The Best Erotic Horror Scenes

Vampyres (1974) - Fran and Miriam are two attractive English lesbian vampires who lure men with their beauty to drain them of their precious blood.  Fran and Miriam's shower scene, which includes them washing the blood off their bodies from a feast in which they just enjoyed, is one of the best erotic horror scenes I can remember, ever.  Its not the only erotic scene in the whole movie, either.  Fran has a sex scene where she is enthusiastically cowgirling a guest she is about to drain.  The whole movie is one big blood drinking sex feast.  If its lesbian vampires you crave, checka check it out!


Dead Girl - Dead Girl is a zombie demon thing some local boys find in an abandoned asylum chained to a table undressed, I am not sure what she is, but she's anatomically female, which is all men care about sometimes so, but two young men still choose to vist her and "do things" with her body.  They get a free ride, and you feel sort of bad for her until she tries to well, eat them, but you also feel that she is vindicated and that they kind of deserve it.  This is the whole premise of the film, pretty much, guys banging a corpse, sickos! 

Here is the depraved little trailer.

Teeth - Believe me some days I would love to be afflicted with vag dentata.  There's a much carnage in this film, particularly in a Lorena Bobbit kind of way, but the best love (if you wanna call it that) is when Dawn, a proud promise ring wearing virgin does her stepbrother who digs her from the time they are kids and has a little surprise.  He always picks on her and says he hates her, but its quite the opposite.  He is tortured by the fact that this bad boy wants it bad, but once he gets it, maybe he didn't want it so much after all!


  1. Teeth is on my to-watch horror list. Looking forward to it even more now.

    1. It was well done and quite original. I bet you'll enjoy it!


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