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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Free Serial Killer Movies, Shows & Documentaries Online!

These documentaries I found online on YouTube are gems, I love learning about serial killers. Its like when you see an accident coming and you can't look away!  Anyway, as far as serial killers go, these are some unique faves.

This dude was the one who kept feet with shoes on them and stuff.  He was fond of feet, what can I say?

This guy had Schizophrenia so maybe it wasn't entirely his fault, but he made health shakes out of human body parts, because he thought he would die if he did not consume human blood.

The Toybox Killer was fond of games and abduction.  He definitely has issues.  He had a girlfriend, too, and she helped, creeper...

These guys were total creepers.  Now, Lake, you might not give a second glance.  The creepy little chubby nerd with the glasses who looks like he would be a great math tutor, he's the one I would fear.

They liked to abduct girls and have lovins with them.  I use the term lovins loosely, because I don't think any love was really involved and the creepy part is that the wife was pretty much in control of this situation.

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