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Friday, August 30, 2013

Coolest Gore Scenes In Recent Memory

Although its not a horror movie, Kill Bill Vol. 1 has some decent gory scenes of note.

1. Kill Bill Vol. 1 - When Beatrix chops off O-Ren Ishii’s top of her head, exposing her brains with the Hattori Hanso sword in the final scent when its all pretty and snowing.  The water clock in the background is oh so very soothing.

Also, when O-Ren Ishii, who is pretty badass, cuts Tanaka's head off and blood squirts everywhere as well as when Beatrix chops off the chick who looks like Beautiful Gorgeous from Jimmy’s Neutron’s (Sophie Fatale) arm off and it continues to spurt blood for a good fifteen minutes at the very least. 

 2. The Possession - I would like to rewind it over and over when the little girl sticks a fork in her dad’s hand! 


3. Cursed - When the chick in the car accident, you know the same chick (Shannon Elizabeth) that makes Jim in American pie jizz in his pants (the exchange student), rolls down the hill after being torn in half by by a werewolf, a torso, head, and arms only!  I can't find a clip so I am pissed!

4. Cube - When Alderson is cut neatly into cubes in the opening scene, I couldn't have "julienned" him better myself!  Where do I get one of those so I can defeat my enemies, I mean, cook some freshly prepared homefries for my loved ones in the early hours of the morning...

5.  The neatly julienned Alderson is quite reminiscent  of a true classic, a kickass gory scene, how Pinhead becomes Pinhead in Hellraiser, one of my faves!

It doesn't take much to please me.  A little human sacrifice and I'm good as gold like an Aztec Goddess.

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