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Friday, August 2, 2013

Free Horror Flicks to Watch This Weekend!

Dark Woods - In this psychological thriller, we are introduced to a young couple who start living in an isolated cabin so that the husband can deal with his wife’s chronic illness. He is forced by the local law enforcement authorities to take in a girl to his cabin after saving her from her psychotic uncle’s abuses. Gradually, this young girl tries to force her way into the family thereby altering the family dynamic. The husband now has to revive his humanity and make a choice between his increasingly deteriorating wife and sexually charged and highly unpredictable new housemate.

Oral Fixation -  A dentist gets sucked into a vortex of madness and masochism upon rejecting his patient’s advances. Murder is what follows.

Starkweather - In America of the late 50’s, a garbage boy in Nebraska offers the biggest news scoop of the times as a serial murderer. Charles Starkweather, only 19 but having a schizophrenic personality disorder, finds it fun to kill people. He is joined in his acts by an equally disturbed personality, his girlfriend, Caril Ann Fugate. By killing Ann’s family members and various other people, these two manage to put up a pile of bodies in a period of three months. The Sheriff Merle Karnopp happens to chase them down with the help of other troops to bring them before law.

That's a little embellished, but hey, that's what the website says the flick is about...

Deadly Blessing - Martha and her husband have made a wonderful home for themselves on their farm 'Our Blessing'. Tom, Martha's husband, was a former Hitite, a religion that is much stricter than the Amish religion. When Martha and Tom married he was cast out of his community for marrying an outsider and they chose to settle close to the Hitite settlement on the farm they purchased. Despite the animosity that Tom receives from his family, especially his father, he and Martha have an ideal marriage and home life that has just been made more complete with Martha's announcement that she is pregnant.  The plot thickens and everything becomes not so very pretty!

The Girl Next Door - is based on the accounts of unspeakable horrors that occurred  in the Midwest in the late 50's. The story begins with a teenage boy named David, in a small town in rural Indiana in 1958. He meets two sisters named Susan and Meg that move into the Chandler residence, after an accident killed their parents. Naturally he is infatuated with Meg and decides to go over to see her, not knowing of the horrific events that will transpire in the Chandler home.  

No one in town knows that the girls' Aunt Ruth is a sadistic psychopath who takes pleasure in the pain of others. Her three sons have less than pure intentions for Meg, when David catches one of them in the act of tickling her.  This is when the true horror of "The Girl Next Door" begins.

This one is very disturbing so if really bad child abuse triggers anything bad in you, don't watch it!

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