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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Serial Killer Hadden Clark Scares Me To Death!

Not only is Hadden Clark psychotic, but he has Schizophrenic, also.  So, essentially, he has barely any empathy and has no control over his emotions, and doesn't live in reality!  Great!  Clark likes to play "treasure hunt" with the police and gives them little clues so he can continue to toy with them.  They might sometimes get a reward, but its like playing Scrabble with a genius, because he's full of crap at that time, and nobody knows it.

Yeah, this pic isn't scary, or anything!

He killed women and young girls.  He doesn't discriminate based on age.  Hadden came from an "upper-crust" family.  His dad had his doctorate in chemistry.  Hadden attended a prestigious cooking school, and worked in Cape Cod as a cook for a little while whilst killing women and drinking their blood.  He hoped in doing so, he could become a girl like they were.  He was an avid cross-dresser, and wished to be a girl, because his parents always wanted a girl, and his mom used to dress him as a girl and call him Kristen when she had a few cocktails.

Hadden likes to draw pretty pictures and send letters.  He's very creative, and very disturbed.  He looks like you would expect a Psychotic Killer with Schizophrenia to look. 

Just watch this, he's freakin' scary!

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