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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Free Month Subscription to Blockbuster Total Access Premium

3 at-a-timeBLOCKBUSTER Total Access Premium3 at-a-time, Unlimited mailings
Unlimited In-Store Movie Exchanges
Enter erewards1mspecial in the 'Have a promotion code? 
Enter it to see your special offer' box.

If you have never had them before, you get free service for a month, and then you have the option to cancel.  I'd do it a couple of days early to make sure you don't get billed!  

Unfortunately, I've already tried it, ugh.

Ok, so what to rent with your free trial?

The Woman in Black      
(Available On Demand) (2012)

A widowed lawyer travels to a secluded village on an important assignment, and encounters a vengeful ghost with mysterious motives. After losing his beloved wife in childbirth, young barrister Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe) was nearly consumed by grief. A haunted widower father, he raises his young son with the help of his devoted nanny. Arthur is on the verge of losing his job when an important client of the firm dies, and his boss offers him one last opportunity to prove his worth by settling the woman's affairs. Determined to succeed, Arthur travels to the remote village and receives a chilly welcome. Something horrible once happened here, and it seems that the locals are determined to ensure Arthur never finds out what it was. Now, the more time Arthur spends in his client's crumbling estate, the more aware he becomes of a presence that isn't quite human. In this house dwells a woman's ghost. In life she lost something precious, and now in death she'll do whatever it takes to get it back. Until she does, her spectral presence will serve as a harbinger of doom, always to be followed by the death of an innocent.

This release from the horror series Deadtime Stories, created by legendary horror director George A. Romero, includes three hair-raising episodes of the anthology show: one tests the limits of human desperation when three friends become trapped in a cave, one finds a philandering professor haunted by (literal) ghosts of his past, and one tells a story of science gone awry, with an artifact brought back from Mars causing havoc on earth. ~ Cammila Albertson, Rovi

Well, there are a couple to start with.  I'm not Blockbuster's biggest fan, and they closed the closest kiosk and store in my locale, but a free membership, I'll take, even though I already partook, so I can't now, but as for you guys, go for it, and then back to Netflix!

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