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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Looks Can Be Deceiving - The Zombie Face Eater

Now, if you were walking down the street and you saw this guy...

this guy...

WTF!  The first young guy, who as far as we know isn't mentally ill, is clean, isn't homeless, and looks like no threat to anyone is the one who at the old, homeless man, who has mental health problems' face...really?

If I saw the first guy walking down the street, I would not even scoot aside an inch.  He looks like a normal, reasonable attractive young guy, who wouldn't scare me even a little bit.

The victim, I might scoot to the side a little, because being homeless, he might not be totally clean, and looks like he's got some issues.

It goes to show, the people who you think are completely harmless are probably not who you think they are!

Now onto the video of young Rudy Eugene eating Mr. Ronald Poppo's face!  He actually chewed that crap while poor Ronnie was sleeping on the side of a highway.  Imagine having some naked young guy, who looks normal start chewing your freakin' face off, WTF!

We all know this, but I just wanted to comment.  You aren't safe anywhere, because I would not be intimidated by Rudy Eugene.


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