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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Free Month of Netflix & Straight Jacket

If you have never tried Netflix, you can sign up for a free month and cancel your subscription without being billed if you don't want to keep it.  Anyway, this is a free way to watch Strait-Jacket, because Joan Crawford is scary.  Its $7.99 a month to watch their collection of streaming movies, which isn't bad.  Sometimes I cancel my membership and its never a hassle if I am not using it and trying to cut back on funds...God, I'm cheap!!!  And....Let's face it, I am just a gay man in a woman's body!!!   I love Joan and if she were alive I would stalk her to the fullest and she might even like it!  


After spending the last two decades in an insane asylum for decapitating her husband and his lover, Lucy (Academy Award winner Joan Crawford) moves into her daughter's (Diane Baker) farmhouse and attempts to put her life back together. But is she truly reformed? When more than just the chickens start to lose their heads around the farm, suspicions arise that Lucy may be falling back into her old ax-wielding ways.


        Joan Crawford,
        Diane Baker,
        Leif Erickson,
        Howard St. John,
        John Anthony Hayes,
        Rochelle Hudson,
        George Kennedy,
        Edith Atwater,
        Mitch Cox

Such a tiny woman to be so awesome and terrifying!
I just have one thing left to say,

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