Friday, June 15, 2012

New Free Full Length Youtube Horror Movies!!!

Maximize your Youtube video screen, turn down the lights and enjoy the crap out of these new horror flix, you can watch for free on Youtube's free horror video channel!

Yeah, I was feeling expressive is my bad attempt at art...

Ok, so on with the free movies on Youtube, horror style bi*chez!

 Burned at the stake for heresy centuries prior, a murderous witch returns to torment the descendants of those responsible for her death in a terrifying tale of vengeance from the darkest depths of hell. Endless decades have passed since the fateful day on which ostracized witch Moira was brutalized and set ablaze in an effort to cleanse the land of her evil influence. Though many have forgotten the legend of Moira, her direct descendent Diana has started her own coven in hopes that she will one day be able to right the wrongs inflicted on her family by the God-fearing masses. After achieving her life-long goal of resurrecting her once-powerful ancestor, Diana attempts to restore Moira's power by feeding her the blood of unsuspecting local college students. Though Moira's strength will soon make her indestructible, to determined college students have learned the deadly secret of Diana's sect and vow to rid the world of Moira's evil once and for all.
Fantastic Factory presents another spooky Spanish horror tale with The Nun, a pseudo-slasher ghost story that finds an evil water-nymph nun seeking vengeance against her murderers from years before. Before her disappearance, Sister Úrsula was highly feared in her boarding school. Often tormenting her students with her own brand of extreme religious zealotry, this nightmarish nun was deathly strict with her code of ethics. When one of her 15-year-old pupils is found to be pregnant, the nun forces her into a dangerous spiritual cleansing that ends in tragedy when the girl's five classmates break up the torture session and inadvertently kill Úrsula in the process. Upon the reopening of the school almost 20 years later, two of the group's survivors end up dead, which forces the rest of the old friends to face their own demons over what happened that fateful night. With the help of the now-teenaged daughter of the original student, the group confronts the very thing that haunts their dreams and forever links them together in hushed silence.

This nun is an evil water nymph?  That's kinda hot!

Death Knows Your Name
When a psychiatrist begins experiencing the same nightmare described to him by a deeply disturbed patient, the quest to discover the meaning behind the mysterious vision leads the respected doctor on an ominous mission. Argentina-born shock specialist Daniel de la Vega crafts the tale of a man who is about to unearth the secret of his own death. Bruce is a psychiatrist who has discovered a human skull hidden deep in the twisting tunnels of a long-abandoned hospital wing. Only Bruce's father, a forensic anthropologist who possesses the knowledge of the dead, can solve the mystery of this strange find. As the face of the skull's owner begins to take form and proves to bear an uncanny resemblance to Bruce, a scourge is unleashed upon the earth the likes of which hasn't been seen since the Black Death struck in the 14th Century.

Sergio Lapel's vampire film Drawing Blood concerns a man who falls madly in love with an attractive female artist. She soon learns that the painter's models are providing not only their bodies, but also their blood for her to feast on. In order to keep her from turning her fangs on him, he must continue to provide her with new victims.

Yeah, yeah, we've heard this story a thousand times.  A pile of s*ite has a thousand eyes!  That just rhymed, although it made zero sense.  I think I'll go watch Stand By Me, now.

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