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Monday, June 4, 2012

More Free Online Movies!

As promised, I will continue spitting out 
free online horror movies like blood gushes from a flesh wound!
This flick is about an internet model who peddles sexy pix of herself online.  A creepy admirer, which I prefer to call a stalker, kidnaps her and tortures her to help quench the desire for his messed up sexual fantasies.  She has to be smart to survive.

Featuring insights from top psychologists and religious experts, this documentary examines the behavior of cult leaders -- from Charles Manson to David Koresh -- and reveals why thousands of people fall under their spell.

A body collector for the county coroner, who sometimes harvests organs for the black market, he finally submits to his sick fantasies when a lovely young suicide victim proves to be the Jane Doe of his dreams in this sick, post-mortem romance. With no friends except for his demented co-worker, and dead bodies to hang with, Charlie is lonely.  He will do anything to keep his blankly staring love forever! 

This was Tom Hank's first movie and its a horror?  Weird, but anyway, a cute high school girl is subjected to an unknown secret admirer, that is of course really a stalker.  This culminates in a sexual attack and mental torture.


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