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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Live Appendectomy, Yum!

 Last Saturday I spent the morning having my appendix removed.  Yeah, looking for something to do on a Friday night, break your appendix and then film it.  I was supposed to go out and have fun, but that was not to be.  My belly button and abdomen was violated with cool metal surgical instruments.  :(

Scars are sexy, right?  I have like three of them.  They are all so little that you won't notice them next month, though.  Oh well, I always thought scars were sexy, but not surgical ones.

Mmmm, why was I not awake for this thing.  I mean, being knocked out is nice and all, and the hospital is like a vacation with lots of morphine dreams, but yeah....I made lots of morphine and delaudid induced phone calls and texts of love to everyone I know, some at 3 am while I was waiting for surgery.  I  hope nobody is offended or feels too loved.

I asked if I could see it when I woke up, but that was a negative.  I do have a photograph, which I will have to scan later.  Fat inside the body is yellow and very unattractive.  It looks like the end of a cheap slab of meat, yum!

I missed an effing date for this, damn...I thought scars were sexy.  Well, at least I got something inside me that morning.  In fact, a whole surgical team was deep inside me.

I won't say what that little appendix thing looks like!  
It also sort of looks like an aborted chicken.  

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