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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Watch UnHoly on Hulu for Free!

Now, when I want to be scared, I think insanity, government, and Nazi scientific experiments, especially with the mind, ewwwwww, yup, watch Unholy!

Basements are scary, too, especially when you wake up and you are not sure what happened when you wake up strapped to a chair in one listening to classical music.  I also don't like when creepy juckets know my name and tell me things they should not know, yeah, enjoy!

Not to be confused with THE UNHOLY, which you can also watch for free on Hulu.  That movie is eighties and terrifying!  Religion scares me, especially when a succubus tries to do bad things to a priest in a church.  If you tie that in with demons and devil worship, yeah, its scary.

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