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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dolls - 1987 Film - Isabel Look Familiar?

I want to sleep at their house!  I will drink tea with them!
A thunderstorm strands several people in the English countryside. A little girl, Judy, with her crappy father and her mean, ugly stepmother, with a hideous mole on her head wearing an equally ugly head wrap, and a nice, well-mannered guy named Ralph who picks up two hitchhikers, two punk chicks. Note, Isabel will look familiar. That's because she is the chick from the A-ha - Take on Me Video, Bunty Bailey, weird!

Anyway, the closest house is a sprawling mansion where Gabriel and Hilary, a cute little elderly couple live. Gabriel is a toy maker. The guests are attacked by dolls if they are mean, ugly-hearted people.

Ralph and Judy are the only nice, pure of heart people in the whole story, besides the old couple. Every one else is an a-hole.

The dolls are sinister, they kill, and yeah, there is a whole plot going on here, but the sheer 1987 feel is reason enough to watch. Go 80's!!!!

Bunty actually dated the A-ha singer, Morten Harket, lucky duck. I still get all fluttery when I hear that song, even though I can't understand a word they are saying for half the song. I had such a six or seven year old crush on him!

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