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Friday, August 12, 2011

Daughters of Darkness - Classic Horror

Daughters of Darkness (Les Lèvres Rouges or Le Rouge Aux Lèvres was a 1971 Belgian horror film. Its in English, though, luckily, because its absolutely sick, I loved it! Its an erotic vampire film. Elizabeth Bathory, The Blood Countess, is used as the main character, and she is still alive and well....well, I don't know about well, but its definitely a more interesting plot than other movies using her character have used in the past and in the future after this movie.

The photograph on the left is Delphine, on the left Leslie.  See the similarities, weird.  

 Under Delphine and Leslie is Andrea on the left and Angelina in Foxfire, on the right.  Weird, huh!


The Elizabeth Bathory character portrayed by Delphine Seyrig is traveling Europe with her companion, Ilona, who looks like hauntingly like a young Angelina Jolie. Andrea Rau looks like Foxfire Angelina in this flick. The actress playing Elizabeth looks ridiculously like Leslie Mann, but older. She has this whole flapper slash forties glamor look going on. She's got perfectly finger waved blonde hair, red lipstick, and nails. I want to look like her in ten years. Hell, I'd settle for that now! They should remake this using Leslie and Angie. I'd go see it! That's hot, and I'm straight, lol!  That alone is weird, those similarities, I guess some things never change.

There's a weird butler who's suspicious of Elizabeth, a cop who's after her, and a couple who just met, ran off, and married with their own strange plot going on, and Elizabeth is perving on both of them. Ilona is jealous, and I'm not sure if she's thirsty, or just wants to do everyone like her girlfriend slash mother figure, Elizabeth. Its just creepy, very sinister, perverted, and creepy, just like a seventies Euro flick that is eroticizing vampirism should be, well done!

The pervasive perviness of this flick is super hot and hauntingly terrifying at the same time.  Elizabeth Bathory is scary, but she's comforting, and you want to hang out with her even if she's all touchy feely and makes out with your face with her hands, yeah, so interesting stuff.

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