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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Netflix Evening - Trapped Ashes

Trapped Ashes is available on demand on Netflix with your basic $7.99 Instant Streaming Subscription. 

Trapped in Ashes is a 2006 horror flick that is reminiscent of Tales from The Crypt, or Creepshow or something.  Its a compilation of stories done by a group of strangers on the tour of a "haunted" movie house in Hollywood.  Its not super scary, but its interesting.  Its fun, and its sort of cute.  Its pretty much exactly what you expect, but worth watching.  Its ranked four stars or so on Netflix.  I ranked it at four stars as well. 

Trapped in a house of horror, seven people discover that the only way they'll get out alive is to tell their scariest stories, setting the stage for five tales.  This anthology includes tales of succubus, incubus, and possessed breast implants as well as nightmarish dream hauntings.  There's more, watch it!

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