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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Wicker Man 2006 Adaptation

I finally watched the remake of The Wicker Man, which was adapted from the original 1973 British version into something a tad bit different.  It wasn't the same movie verbatim, and all the characters of importance, except for the California Cop, Edward Malus, played by Nicholas Cage were all women.  Other than the characters all being women, and a few plot surprises, the movie is the same and it ends the same, but the ending was super cool and not a boring burning like the first one!

Here are some of the highlights of the film.  Dad says you never hit a girl, but Sister Beech had it coming!

 Malus get a letter from his ex-fiancĂ©e, Willow Woodward that her daughter, Rowan is missing. Some of the main characters were played by Ellen Burstyn, as Sister Summerisle, a reprisal of the original role taken by Christopher Lee in the seventies version as Lord Summerisle.  Leelee Sobieski was in it as well and Francis Conroy, the mom from Six Feet Under, my favorite HBO show of all time!  Is Francis Conroy not the most adorable lady in the world.  I wish she was my mom.  James Franco is in it, I guess, but I never really noticed.

There is no Neo Pagan nudity in this one, unfortunately, but it was made into a more palatable mainstream film, which I didn't really dig.  I hated that the musical part and the dancing naked fertility ritual was omitted entirely.  It made the film boring and took away from some of the oddness.  I did like the creepy old twins that say everything at the same time, though.  They were cool.  Basically, Summerisle is run by women for women, and the men on the island are used simply for work and procreation.  Its creepy, and the different plot twists almost make it a different movie, well kinda. 

Oh, if you want to watch Nick Cage punch chicks all day, definitely rent this flick. 

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