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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Obscure Seventies Horror of Late!

There were two movies I had been looking for for years, and I found them online via horror forums and blogs last night, pretty sweet!

So, here is the rundown on both of them.  I had very vague memories on both, so if you are looking for something, don't give up, somebody else is looking for the exact same thing and will post or blog something you are thinking of, because your horror movie preferences are not unique, woo hoo!

I am not sure why, but I had these two flicks fused together in my mind, and they really are nothing alike.  I must have watched them when I was in kindergarten or before, I believe in the same day.

Cathy's Curse -  This flick is a Canadian weird low-budget B horror flick.  I hear mixed reviews, but I dug it.  It scared the bejesus out of me as a child.  Its about Cathy, a little girl, who finds a doll in the attic of her father's childhood home, which he moves back into with his manic depressive wife and Cathy, his only daughter.  His sister and father died in a car crash, in which they were incinerated after his mom takes off with him.  Creeeeepy!

Merry Christmas, watch the whole thing here!

Who Ever Slew Auntie Roo - A creepy rendition of Hansel and Gretel very well done.  I particularly remembered Shelly Winters and her terrifying orange hair.  Holy crap, if that is a wig, I'd go bald.  Anyway Mrs. Forest, who is played by Shelly Winters keeps her dead daughter's remains in a box in a hidden room.  She hangs out with the corpse, sings to it, and finally finds a little girl who resembles her dead daughter, and yeah, the beat goes on.  I dug it.  Shelly's costumes were great!  She's an old washed up Vaudeville girl, skeeery, performing to orphans in her home on Christmas in full costume, ewwww!

You can watch it in pieces on Youtube.  I could find it nowhere else!  Ehhhh...well, its something if you miss it!  Unfortunately, I can't embed it. 

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