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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Plague & Season of The Witch - Similar, But Different

At long last somebody has covered the Black Plague in Europe and has applied a supernatural horror concept to it, and it has been done more than once this year, and both flicks are quite unique, and I would say equally good.  I must say I enjoyed Season of the Witch a bit more, but I really liked both films, the other being Black Death. 

Black Death - The Black Death was probably more psychological than anything else, and heralded less special effects.  It relied on the creepiness of witchery and Pagan evil more than anything else.  And when I say Pagan evil, I mean actual evil Pagans.  Most Pagans are peaceful and practice nice and helpful Wicca, not straight out hurting people and casting plagues among their peoples.  These guys were a bit more sneaky, and weren't as fun as the girl in Season of the Witch, but that's what I liked about it.  Its worth watching!  I was very surprised.  I had not idea how the film would approach their fight of evil, but I found out.  It was quite suspenseful, and not what I expected, wholly. 

Black Death - Trailer

Season of the Witch - Season of the Witch had great special effects, a seriously strong, and scary little teenage witch.  She had personality.  She was manipulative, and actually did nice things every so often, but they were all for her own purposes.  It had an interesting host of characters, not much different from that of The Black Death, but still it was fun, and super suspenseful.  The plagued dead were gross, and had bugs buzzing all around them.  The crusty corpses added a nice effect.  There was also a "holy war" plot and showed all the battles the two main characters had engaged in.  They desert their cause, and to spare their own lives are charged with another "holy mission", to see "The Black Witch" to an abbey to be dealt with supernaturally, neat!  I dug the way the witches were executed in the beginning, too.  You will have to watch, authentic.  The one thing that bothered me was the absence of a Medieval accent or way of speaking, and the fact that everyone spoke in an American accent.  It took away from things, but it was still a good flick.

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