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Friday, July 29, 2011

Autopsy: Postmortem with Dr. Michael Baden

Its not really horror, but is good enough, you know why?  Because its real!  Dr. Baden is the man!  Want to see an actual Y incision?  I do!  Dr. Baden autopsies bodies and tells you the gory details of crimes, after death investigations, and exhuming bodies.  Tasty! You can rent it on Netflix, but you have to send away for the DVD, but trust me!  Its soooo worth it!!!

I am on the lookout for the whole series.  It was an HBO Undercover Series - Autopsy- with Dr. Michael Baden, and I believe, if I am not mistaken there were 9 of them, 8 being the absolute best one!  Sick!!!!

Enjoy the story above on 
Youtube, a doctor and his love for his patient, who is of course, dead!  
Sexy time!!!

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