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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Drag Me to Hell & The Orphan - Two Great Flix!

 Isn't Mrs. Ganoush hot?!!!
Drag Me to Hell - An elderly gypsy woman puts a curse on a struggling banker, who is vying with a real dink for a job position. She has to assert herself by making the tough decision handed over to her by her boss. Basically, throw the old woman out of her home, or grant her a bank extension at a loss to the bank. She rolls the dice, and hot damn, she loses! The old woman is a terrifying old witch, and she rocks! She's disgusting, and I love her!

The Orphan - Esther is an unusual child from Russia, who just moved to the United States to be adopted. She learned English in nine months.  She dresses like a Gothic Lolita, yet she is only a little girl of nine. Her new adoptive parents have a deaf little girl who is a few years younger, and have just lost a baby. Her new mom feels that giving her love to a child who has none will help her get over the loss of her child. She wants another child, and they opt to adopt an older child, who appears wonderful, intelligent and mature. Decisions, decisions, you never know until you make them how its going to turn out. Without spoiling the fun, I will venture to say VERY BAD!

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