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Other Places to Read My Articles & Factoids

You might not be aware that I not only author this blog, but I also publish on a few other websites and blogs.  I am going to post links to some of the favorite articles I've written by myself as well as some others who read my stuff so you can check them out!

Some of my favorite subjects to blog about are of course, horror, horror movies, strange and horrible history and curiosities, gross medical abnormalities and subjects of the like, strange customs, mental illness and social issues that this subject carries, poetry, literature, frugal shopping, astrology, metaphysical subjects, the paranormal (of course), kitchen witch and spirituality, and a myriad of other subjects you might find interesting if you enjoy reading my blog(s).

Friday, October 31, 2014

Fun Halloween Facts!

Halloween is a holiday steeped in rich tradition throughout the world.   The word Halloween comes from an Old English form of All Hallow's Eve, known as All Hallow's Ev'en (Evening). This night has long ushered in the dark half of the year in many regions of the world.  Halloween was once a night that caused anxiety and dread among those terrified their souls may be taken by evil beings from beyond the veil between the world of the living and the dead!  Its said the veil between the world of the living and the dead is most thin on All Hallow's Eve! 

Halloween was originally dubbed The Festival of Samhain, a Celtic celebration that ushered in "the dying of the light" (summer's end), an evening on which the spirits of the dead (good and evil) were permitted by The Lord of The Dark, Samhain, to wander Earth and intermingle with the living.  The Celtic Druid's New Year was on November 1, which later became All Soul's Day. Ancient Celts lit bonfires on Samhain night to fend off evil spirits who came out in the darkness.
  • The Cutty Black Sow is a demon in Welsh folklore believed to steal souls on Halloween.
  • Halloween is the night before The Catholic, All Soul's Day, a day to honor canonized saints.
  • All Soul's Day was created to integrate Celtic Druid into Christian traditions as converts.
  • Kids once went door to door offering prayers in exchange for soul cakes on Halloween.
  • Masks were worn as disguises to confuse and ward off evil spirits on All Hallow's Eve.
  • Masks were also worn to honor ancestors who passed away.
  • Jack-o-Lanterns were originally made out of turnips.
  • Large Potatoes and rutabagas were also utilized in Europe for carving.
  • Pumpkins are native to North America, not Europe.
  • Seeds were brought back to Europe from America and Europe was introduced to the pumpkin!
  • Bobbing for apples was a form of divining that foretold the type of man a woman would marry.
  • Most kids who have been poisoned with candy were victims of family members, not strangers.
Have a pleasant evening and hopefully the Cutty Black Sow doesn't steal your soul for a snack.  Maybe you should bake that bitch a soul cake!  Happy All Hallow's Ev'n!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10 Killer & Free Troma Flicks

The Children (1980) - A nuclear-plant leak turns a bus-load of children into murderous atomic zombies with black fingernails.

How cute!  Click here to check it out!  Its free!  Everything I will list in this post is free to watch!

Rabid Grannies (1988) - Two elderly sisters invite their wonderful nieces and nephews to a dinner party in celebration of the sisters' upcoming birthdays. The one nephew who is not invited (the black sheep of the family); is a devil worshiper.  He got disowned by the aunties.  The rest of the guests are just waiting for their aunts to kick the bucket, leaving them with their inheritances. However, the naughty nephew sends a party gift that causes things to take a turn for the macabre: the aunties turn cannibal and get hungry!

This is a lovely flick for the whole family, good wholesome family fun!

The Taint (2011) - The water is tainted and poisons the minds of men. It turns them into monsters who want nothing more than to kill women.  Its is up to Phil O╩╝Ginny and his friend, Misandra, to fight this evil!

Igor and the Lunatics (1985) -  Sixteen years ago, bloodshed experienced a wave of horrifying slaughter.  The townspeople finally caught up with Igor and his evil gang and locked them away to rot in prison, but now they're on out and on probation, and more deranged, demented, and deadly than before!

Screamplay (1985) - This is the story of screenwriter, Edgar Allen, who arrives in Hollywood carrying his most valuable possessions - a battered suitcase and a typewriter. He imagines scenes so vividly for the murder mystery he is writing that they seem to come to lie and oh they do!

Body Parts (1994) - When strippers at a local strip club start ending up dead and hacked to pieces, police begin questioning employees and patrons of the club.

Parts of the Family (2003) -  Inside an old, dilapidated house is a tragic past. One evening a family of four is hacked to pieces.  The beautiful housekeeper, who resides with the family, Ella, survives.  Lovely Ella is one day kidnapped by failed bank robber, Jason Goodis.  Unfortunately for Jason, Ella has an unquenchable thirst for blood!  Outside, the house is surrounded by police.  Down in the basement there is an unseen restless stirring.

As the tension mounts, Jason Goodis can’t fight the urge to escape.  There are noises in the attic, sounds coming from the basement.  Ella lures him into the garden where he is grazed by a sniper’s bullet.  Jason will never be the same again!

Nightbeast (1982) -  Nightbeast is a sci-fi horror flick that is an interpreted, stylistic remake of The Alien Factor. The story revolves around a small town sheriff who is charged with the task of stopping a rampaging alien from killing the residents of Perry Hall.

Pigs (1972) - A small town is turned upside down by the vicious murder of a dad by his daughter, who claims he sexually assaulted her.  She escapes from a locked psychiatric ward and travels way up into the country to hide out, only to find carnage that comes from the most unlikely of species.

She becomes employed at a diner run by a farmer, Zambrini, who has a bit of a dark recipe for murder.  Soon locals begin to disappear and Zambrini’s pig farm begins to mysteriously grow!  What secrets are held in the pig pen?

Rockabilly Vampire (1996) -  Irish is a tad obsessed with Elvis Presley.  She's having a bit of a problem with work, her landlord and her landlord's creepy son. One day she meets a billy greaser guy who's right up her alley and is stylin' Elvis. She falls hopelessly in love.  However, her guy is kinda a vampire.

Here are a couple kickass cos-play tutorials for Halloween!

Zombie Cos-play Tutorial

Burlesque Costume

Monday, October 20, 2014

12th Night Til Halloween - Femme Fatales - Costuming Tips & Free Movies!

I am going to post some psycho women movies as well as some brilliant costume ideas so you can become an evil femme fatale.  You know how I feel about serial killers?  I am going to post some of my favorite costuming ideas for the ladies, yup, for the ladies!!!

I have picked two femme fatale costuming ideas so you can look both pretty and psycho.  I have chosen period ensembles, because its fun to dress as characters from a different era.  Of course, these two historical serial killing chicks really existed.

Belle Gunness - Belle lived in the late 1800's to early 1900's.    I've seen a couple of photos of her and she dressed as a plain women of the day.  She was a woman in her 40's during her murder spree and was well-dressed.  You can "sexyfy" her if you like, but either way, dressing up as Belle is fun!

 A movie about her is in the works, but it appears that its still being made and has been in the works since 2012 since their Kickstarter campaign, in which it appears that they made in excess of $8,000 in support for this film to be created.  I can't wait! 

Belle Gunness (November 11, 1859 – April 28, 1908) was a Norwegian-American serial killer, who resided on a large farm in La Porte, Illinois.  She killed most of her suitors and boyfriends, and her two adopted children, Myrtle and Lucy. She may also have killed both of her husbands and all of her children, on different occasions. Her apparent motives involved collecting life insurance, cash and other valuables, and eliminating witnesses. Reports estimate that she killed between 25 and 40 people over several decades.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory (The Blood Countess) - The Countess was pretty, wealthy, and psycho.  She liked torture, bathing in women's blood, and was a mean, nasty femme fatale, but hey, she was well dressed, so why the hell not wear her in horror cos-play or on Halloween.  Hell, pass out candy as this chick!

To pull off Belle's look, you need a bustle skirt or a long fluffy Victorian skirt or a Victorian styled-dress that a woman in her late thirties to early forties in her class would have worn.  She didn't appear to wear make-up or anything other than Victorian-American dress and a bun on top of her head.

Here are some fabulous finds.  I don't want to post anything too pricy so I won't.  Keep in mind, you can look up lots of these types of period dress online for tutorials so you can make them, but they are cheap enough for most of us to buy (shortcut)!!!

To pull off Elizabeth Bathory, it might be a little easier to find traditional medieval or renaissance period attire so you can look like royalty.  She wore her hair up in a bun-like hairstyle, too, so that's not to difficult.  She appears to have a dark blonde to light brown hair color.  I'll link you to some pre-made costumes below.  It would be very difficult to make a costume for her.

Candy Apple Costumes has a really pretty costume for The Blood Countess or like characters for just under $60.  They come in plus sizes and are around the same price for the larger costumes.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Saturday, October 18, 2014

14 Nights of Halloween - Free Psycho Killer Costuming Vids!

One of my ever favorite subjects besides epidemic disease, cyst draining, and ghosts/the paranormal are definitely serial killers, psychos!  I am going to be posting some of my favorite serial/psycho movies (yes, more than one) and they are all free to view with no downloading or anything.  I'll try to post as many as I can in players on this page so you can just readily watch them!

I am also going to post some of the coolest cos-play/make-up/costuming videos involving serial killers and psycho so you can get some fresh Halloween and costume/horror cos-play ideas for the upcoming holiday that we all know and love as well as for conventions/costume parties throughout the year, hell yes!

Um, I warn, this might get a little tasteless and sick, but hey, what else is new.  For those of you who come to this blog on the regular or know me via the internet or especially personally, you know how that works!

Here is the classic version of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

You can be one of Dexter's victims for Halloween.  

Check out the costume tutorial embedded in the player below.

Tiffany is involved in a tumultuous marriage with her lover doll, Charles Lee Ray (Chucky).  
She's stylish, lady-like, and psycho.  Check out this tutorial on how to become Chucky's gal, Tiffy.

Friday, October 17, 2014

15th Night 'Til Hallo'een - Free Ebola Movie & Killer Costume Tutorial

With the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa that has apparently spread to the United States in a small way, it seems appropriate to share the 1995 film about Ebola, Outbreak.  You can view it by for free or if you wish, you can watch it on HBO Go by clicking here if you are subscribed to HBO Go!

This article (click here) seeks to dispel the differences and myths that seem to have been enforced by the film, Outbreak, about Ebola.  The film is pretty entertaining, anyway, and the virus is not exactly Ebola, anyway.  Its got a different name, (Motaba Virus), but its pretty gosh darn close :).
Isn't it adorable!?
 I think you all know what you are getting for your summer birthdays!!!!

And Yay, Merry Halloween (15 days shy of the holiday), free Outbreak Epidemic Disease Games online is my gift to you, my dear readers.  Now, go forth and infect things (for not real online).
Pandemic I - Create your own custom virus to wipe out the world!

Pandemic II - The sequel to Pandemic I, a little more detailed with a higher difficulty level.

Pandemic - American Swine - In this version, you are trying to negate the virus and save the world instead of trying to create a virus and destroy humanity. 

Pandemic EOM - Extinction of man is a spin-off of Pandemic! The game features brand new game-play and features.

Pandemic III - The long awaited sequel to all the Pandemic games that have existed with new, advanced, and kick-azz features!

Infectionator - World Dominator - Create a successful zombie outbreak that can't we fought off to conquer the world!  

Infectionator II -  The sequel to Infectionator - World Dominator

Ok, he kinda hits the nail on the head.  Anyway, this is a thing...the Ebola costume...

So yeah, there's that.

Anyway, below you can watch the bloody eye make-up tutorial.

That can actually show you how to look like you have an epidemic disease like Ebola
and I shall also post a Silent Hill Nurse Cosplay video!

The bloody eye tutorial is not in English, but just watch her.
She shows you how to get it done!

I don't know how much I agree with the plastic shopping bag being used over your head, but you could probably achieve the same thing with a chunking helmet for hair color or something since it has tons of holes in it.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

20 Nights 'Til Halloween - Free Movie & Tutorial

Here is tonight's free Halloween movie on the 20th night to All Hallow's Eve!  Enjoy!  Our movie this evening is, Gorgon (1964)

Easy, light Halloween make-up for Medusa.  Then, you just need to make your hair look like snakes or make it green or a green wig or the like!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

21st Night Until Halloween - Free Movie, Makeup Tutorial & Goodies!

Tonight, because I have been listening to one of my favorite songs ever, (Little Red Riding Hood), I am going to post a myriad (well, maybe not that many or much) of Werewolf and Little Red Riding Hood themed movies.  Hummm, I could wrap my head around hooking up with a were-person while he was in human form, of course.  Men are very similar to wolves hunting their prey.  Woman are more like vampires.  We want to suck the very life-force out of you, not just devour you, but consume you.  I bet they are like animals in the sack, were-men, that is!  There is something very primal about the werewolf and his pursuit of Red Riding Hood and even a good girl will dig deep to find out the very nature of the beast whether she really wants to know what lies beneath or not.  Would it matter to her if she found out?  You decide.  Hot!

I will post Ginger Snaps (2001) below for you to enjoy!

I'll post the trailer below so you can see if  you want to watch it if you have not yet seen it.  Its fairly decent, unique, and I really dug it!  Its actually ok to watch with your older kids, too, as there is no gratuitous gore or overt sex scenes (implied, but no overt).

I'm also going to post a costume werewolf make-up tutorial. below. There are two parts.

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