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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Halloween Countdown - Night 30

I will be posting a free movie every night until Halloween happens along with a new costume or make-up/cosplay video for Halloween until All Hallow's Eve is in session!

Tonight's film will be Chronicle of the Raven (Jennifer's Shadow) (2004) starring Faye Dunaway as the villainess, which she does so well!  Don't let the Spanish subtitles throw you off.  Its in English.

Chronicle of the Raven concerns Jennifer, a young woman who must combat an evil curse placed on her family by her grandmother. The curse takes the form of an illness that wastes away its victims. In addition to showing signs of the disease, Jennifer is plagued by nightmares in which a raven slowly eats away at her body. She must figure out how to stop her grandmother before her entire family meets a grim fate. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi

You can watch it in the player below.

If you prefer, you can watch it on Popcornflix by clicking here without subtitles!

And....below is your costuming tutorial of the day; this one is a skeleton face tutorial, which would be good if you are going as Jack Skellington, American Horror Story's Tate Langdon.  Have we forgotten about  him?  An easy and inexpensive costume that only requires make-up and what you probably already have in your closet!

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