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Monday, September 15, 2014

10 Halloween Makeup & Cosplay Instructional Videos

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration to get that one detail right when you are looking for the perfect costume for Halloween or other events surrounding the ancient and kickazz holiday.  It is indeed one, if not THE BEST, day of the year!

I am going to post 10 instructional videos so you can get the make-up, hair, accessories, and other materials for your costume right if you might need a little kick to get your lazy azz in gear!

1.  Corpse Bride Make-up

2.  Doll Make-up (Scary)

3.  Beetlejuice's Miss Argentina 

4.  Marilyn Monroe

5.  Vintage Vampire

6.  Cleopatra

7.  Frank-N-Furter

8.  Zombie

9.  Skull

10.  Snake Man (Voldemort)

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